Powerworks and Powerstart have been synonymous with reliable alternative starting for over three decades. Our success can be attributed to a total dedication to satisfying the needs of the customer in record-breaking time, thus providing first-class service to support our first-class products. We differ from most manufacturers in that our experience includes installing and repairing systems, thus giving us first hand knowledge of real world applications and problems.


Jetstream turbine air starters offer many advantages over electric starting which may vary depending on
applications and environments:
  Jetstream turbine starters require no electricity and therefore are non-sparking and this makes them ideal for flameproof applications.
  Jetstream turbine starters offer more power and torque per kilogram than electric starters. The entire starting system with air reservoir is far lighter than an electric starter with its heavy batteries.
  Jetstream turbine starters are relatively immune to air contamination as opposed to older vane motors.
  Jetstream turbine starters offer faster cranking than electric starters This means higher compression, in turn raising combustion temperatures and improving starting ability.
  Very rapid recharge of air tank (even with a small compressor). It would take minutes to charge an air reservoir compared with the hours required to fully recharge a bank of batteries.
  Jetstream turbine starters require no in-line lubrication and are therefore very environmentally friendly, with only air being emitted from the exhaust. This is far cleaner than the oil mist being expelled from vane starters or the environmental unfriendlines of batteries and their associated chemical reactions.
  All starters can be fitted with optional beryllium copper pinions for more stringent non-sparking applications where this is a requirement.
  Jetstream turbine elements feature a proprietary wear resistant coating for extended service life and greater protection from contaminated and dirty air.
  Jetstream Turbine starters are available with or without integral relay valves.
  Jetstream pre-engaged starters are compliant with the European ATEX directive.


Typical layout of an air starting system


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